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When You’re Ready to Buy – The Washington Blade

Real Estate Sign

If you go to an open house that you really love, wait until you’re out of earshot of the host agent to shout, ‘I want it! I want it!’ You enter your luxury high-rise apartment, toss your keys on the kitchen counter, kick off your shoes, and pour an adult beverage. With your drink in… Read more »

Appealing to Millenial Homebuyers

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Big news! A recent study by the National Association of Realtors shows that millennials make up the highest percentage of homebuyers nationwide. We’ve found this to be true of our local market in the D.C. Metro area as well. We’ve also found that these younger buyers have very specific tastes. Therefore, it’s critical if you’re… Read more »

TIPS: Buying a Home Sooner Than Planned

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We’ve had several clients recently buy homes long before they thought they would. These clients came in for meetings and told us that they wouldn’t be buying for at least a year. Four months later, they’re in a new home! We’re seeing this happen time and again so we thought we’d take a moment to… Read more »

TIPS: Holding Title With a Friend or Partner

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Considering buying a home with a friend or partner? While it may not be your first thought, the answer is “yes.” Property can be purchased by a variety of different buyers—an individual, a business entity, a married couple, and even friends or partners who are not married. When non-married people purchase real property together —… Read more »

Preparing for a Home Inspection

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Congratulations, Mr. Seller! Your house is now under contract — but you may not want to start packing yet. Your contract may include contingencies, which are conditions that must be met before a real estate transaction can be completed. Unless your buyers are paying cash, they will likely have a finance contingency to ensure that… Read more »

What Can Staging Do for You?


Photo Credit: This post was contributed by Real Estate Experts, a leading team of realtors in Cary, NC. Staging is more or less standard these days, even though it’s a fairly recent addition to the home seller’s to-do list. Most real estate agents will agree that staging offers clear benefits. Although staging is cosmetic,… Read more »

How to Win Bidding Wars

In the very hottest real estate markets, and we have a few here in California, the balance of supply and demand is tilting very much to the demand side. What that means is that there isn’t a lot of inventory for buyers to choose from and when something grand does come on the market, the… Read more »

Seven Tips for Prospective LGBT homeowners

Herman Chan is a San Francisco-based real estate expert whose hit video blog, Habitat for Hermanity, earned him national attention. His unique brand of humor and insight can be seen at In this article, originally published February 28, 2011, Chan shares with dot429 pieces of advice for prospective LGBTQ homeowners. Even all the recent… Read more »

Get Your Home Sold – It’s Not Yours Anymore

The decision to sell your home comes with so many emotions. The memories, the history, the money spent. You have the best home in the city and nobody has anything better. Relationships were born here and you can just visualize that time when Aunt Irene came for Thanksgiving dinner or when the dog ate all… Read more »

Should You Buy a Home in 2014?

2013 was an up and down year for mortgage interest rates, though they remained relatively low. What can we anticipate for 2014 and will it be a good time to think about buying a home? The Web site which offers prospective buyers advice on the ever-fluctuating mortgage rate market in a down-to-earth style, says… Read more »

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

There are a lot of things to think about when you consider buying a home for the first time, or for that matter, at any time. When you begin the process, it is important to take a few key details into consideration before you begin your search. At the beginning, the two most important things… Read more »

Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Though the real estate industry is changing every day, mistakes made by first time homebuyers seem not to change that much. The mistakes range from mismanaging their financial picture, to finding the perfect home before being qualified, to choosing the wrong lender. Below are the top five mistakes first time buyers make: Wrong moves in… Read more »

Terry’s Blog: Preparing Your Home for Sale

There are so many things that you should know before you are able to be truly successful in selling real estate. Key and prime locations, marketing, and conversion of prospect clients are all elements that you want to master – and these tips can really give you a great edge in learning more about the… Read more »

Should You Rent Or Buy?

I am currently in the process of evicting my tenants. They make too much noise at night, leave the house and yard in disarray and have not paid rent for months. Last weekend my neighbor caught them naked on the roof deck, napping lazily and taking in the view. What’s wrong with that, you ask?… Read more »

What to Do First When Buying a Home

The recent uptick in the real estate market reminds us that the American dream of home ownership is alive and well. Many people experience a sense of pride and security knowing that their sanctuary actually belongs to them. If you find yourself scanning real estate listings and watching one virtual tour after another, it may… Read more »

Ten Rules for New Buyers

Are you a first-time home buyer? Ted Smith over at the The Washington Blade has ten rules for you to follow. The Washington Blade reports: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Similarly, if something looks too good to be true for the price, it probably is. A picture is worth… Read more »

What to Consider Before You Renovate

With a little due diligence, prospective homebuyers’ disappointment at renovation time can be avoided. Too many times, I’ve had to deliver the upsetting news to new homebuyers who are ready to renovate that the project they are considering is not feasible with the home they purchased. The situation is unpleasant for both sides, but with… Read more »

Ten Ways to Spot Mortgage Scammers

With instances of mortgage fraud on the rise, are you aware of how to spot a mortgage scammer? Realtors have a good idea what to look for when it comes to fraudulent mortgage practices. However, that doesn’t mean that plenty of people, real estate agents included, haven’t been duped in the past. Scammers are often… Read more »

Mortgage Tips for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Home ownership can be tricky for same-sex couples — especially since we don’t have automatic property inheritance rights if one partner dies, and we don’t have easy access to divorce courts to help us sort out disputes if we break up. That means lesbian and gay couples need to take time to think through the… Read more »

Still signs of winter

Winter is the time we all seem to hibernate. Here in Kamloops there have been sneek peeks of spring so we all know it is coming. The question is when? Even though its winter, it does not mean that home sales stop, in fact this is the time when you are more likely to get… Read more »

Tips for Gay/Lesbian Homesellers

Before potential buyers tour the home, a seller should take specific steps to help make a strong and positive impression. That will greatly improve the chances of getting a prompt purchase offer at a higher price. Here are some tips from experienced real estate professionals that can enhance success for sellers in any market —… Read more »

Five Tips for Gay & Lesbian Homeowners

LGBT home sellers should understand that it is still a buyer’s market and that the average time it takes to sell a home is more indicative of a bear market than it is of a bullish one. With that in mind, LGBT homeowners who hope to sell in 2011 are encouraged to be proactive about… Read more »

Five Tips For Buying a Home

With low interest rates and foreclosure and short-sale properties on the market, many first-time home buyers have made the decision to enter the market. If home ownership is finally within your reach, be sure to keep these five tips in mind before beginning the process. 1. Do Your Homework: Use the Internet or a Realtor… Read more »

Four Tips for Finding a Good Realtor

Finding a real estate agent is not hard. Stick a store-bought For Sale sign on your lawn and wait for real estate agents to start calling. The hard part is finding one who is really good at what they do and who will work hard for you and with you. Barry Zigas, director of housing… Read more »