Vince Verni – Long Island Gay Realtor

Vince Verni - Long Island Gay Realtor

Long Island Gay Realtor Who Goes Above and Beyond

As a Long Island gay Realtor, Vince has had great success working with first time home buyers to seasoned buyers and investors. If you’re looking for a savvy real estate professional who utilizes traditional marketing combined with new and innovative methods to assist customers as they buy or sell a home you’ve found him.

“I always believe the customers’ needs and concerns are my number one priority. My goal is to provide you with an extremely high level of personal service, and more importantly to work with their best interest in mind — all the time.”

Honesty, integrity and dedication to customer service are at the core of his business philosophy. He is incredibly easy to work with as evidenced by his many awards and testimonials from previous clients.

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Matt Brownlow – Ontario Gay Mortgage Lender

Matt Brownlow - Ontario Gay Mortgage Lender

Ontario Gay Mortgage Lender in Hamilton

Matt is an Ontario gay mortgage lender in Hamilton, ON who has been involved in the housing industry for the past 10 years, with experience ranging from flipping houses, interior design, real estate and mortgages.

Originally, Matt came from a background working in broadcasting in the non-profit sector. After completing education in project management, and flipping a few houses along the way, Matt was looking for a change.

The home loan market was a natural fit for Matt, and with his entrepreneurial spirit, it was an industry that he could see himself becoming a part of, bringing tremendous experience, knowledge and value to his clients.

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Christopher Louviere – South Carolina Gay Realtor

Christopher Louviere - South Carolina Gay Realtor

Top 1% Agent and South Carolina Gay Realtor

Christopher Louviere is a South Carolina gay Realtor and a native to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. He grew up in Summerville, SC, and graduated from Summerville High School in 2005. From there, he attended Anderson University and ultimately graduated from the College of Charleston. At the college, Christopher was an active member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

After graduation, Christopher worked as an analytical chemist at General Engineering Laboratories in West Ashley, SC. After several years, Christopher realized that he needed a more social “job” where he could interact with people on a daily basis as opposed to test-tubes. 

Real estate has been the perfect career choice for Christopher because he gets to use his analytical mindset and attention to detail on a daily basis to help his clients whether they are buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

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Mary Discher – Phoenix Lesbian Realtor

Mary Discher - Phoenix Lesbian Realtor

Full-Time, Award Winning
Phoenix Lesbian Realtor

Clients are the best judge of knowledge, customer service, loyalty, etc. As the testimonial page on Mary’s website reflects, her clients rave about her service and the wonderful experience she provides through the buying and selling process.

A Phoenix lesbian REALTOR working in the greater metro area, she honors any opportunity to work hard for a client, and doesn’t take any opportunity for granted.

Choosing Mary as your REALTOR© is a choice you will NOT regret. Send her an email or give her a call if you have any questions about her real estate services or the Metro Phoenix real estate market.

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Nick Acosta – St. Petersburg Gay Realtor

Nick Acosta - St. Petersburg Gay Realtor

St. Petersburg Gay Realtor
Representing Buyers & Sellers

Nick is a St. Petersburg gay Realtor who launched Downtown Expert Realty LLC in Orlando in July 2020, to provide Florida families and businesses with expert, informed brokerage services. His passion for real estate, deep industry expertise, and devotion to his clients have helped to elevate the firm to a mainstay in the thriving Orlando real estate scene.

Nick explains his vision for Downtown Expert Realty: “I want to create an experience like no other for my associates, customers, vendors, and everyone else that our firm interacts with.” Downtown Expert Realty provides associates creative freedom to pursue innovative strategies, and diversity and inclusion are central tenants of the organizational culture. 

“We pride ourselves on creating a culture that is truly inclusive,” Nick notes. “Diversity is a major component.” To share real estate insights with the world, Nick also records a weekly podcast, Home 2 All, a favorite listen among real estate professionals, vendors, and the general public.

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House Flipping as a Side Hustle

Lesbian Renovation - Pixabay

It’s hard to miss the cultural movement of home improvement that has swept the nation in the last decade or so. Countless television shows teach beginners how to DIY everything from bathroom cabinets to renovated basements, and the hosts of such programs have become household names. Learning house flipping for beginners is a bit more complicated than you might expect, however.

Still, now is a great time to learn. Thanks in part to stay-at-home orders and the increasing popularity of telecommuting, there’s never been a better opportunity to put your thinking cap on and acquire skills that can help you invest in properties to flip. Equal parts challenging and rewarding, flipping homes as a side hustle can be a lucrative pursuit. It also requires a great deal of effort and planning.

House Flipping Step One: Consider Your Location

Where you live, or where you plan to purchase your first investment property, matters. Southern Living explains that some cities, like Tampa, Florida or Birmingham, Alabama, are good places to buy a home to flip. Coastal Living echoes this sentiment, saying that Tampa is the best city on the coast to flip a home. Consider cost of living, the activity in the housing market, and the purchase price of an investment property before you move forward. 

Don’t be fooled by low property prices. Sometimes, houses are cheap, but you won’t have much luck reselling them once they’re fixed up. Generally speaking, a lower-priced home in a hot real estate market is a good investment opportunity for house flipping. However, it pays to talk to local real estate agents and contracts for more information before taking the plunge.

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