Haunted House for Sale That Inspired “The Conjuring”

Haunted House for Sale - From "The Conjuring"

One of America’s most notorious homes is now available – a haunted house for sale in Rhode Island.

Built in 1836, the house located in Burrillville, Rhode Island, was made famous by the 2013 horror blockbuster “The Conjuring.”

Though it wasn’t the property featured in the film, it was the actual home in real life where the Perron family endured nearly a decade of intense paranormal activity in the 1970s. The home has three bedrooms, one-and-a-half bathrooms, and is listed for $1.2 million.

Gail Wasmer – Springfield Bisexual Realtor

Gail Wasmer - Springfield Bisexual Realtor

Springfield Bisexual Realtor for LGBTQ+ Clients

A Springfield bisexual Realtor specializing in residential buyers & sellers! 

Member of the Board of Directors of The Phoenix Center, Central Illinois’ LGBTQ+ Community Center, offering various groups, services, training, social & educational events and transitional housing. I’m pleased to be able to give back to our community with this service as board member and frequent volunteer.

Very proud Leader of the Springfield, IL Chapter of TransParentUSA, a multi-state support group. We provide compassionate support to parents and caregivers of transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive children of any age. Our motto is, “Empowering our children to live authentically.” TransParentUSA.org — 2019-present

Easing the California Housing Crisis – The New York Times

California Housing Crisis

No matter where you live, you’re probably familiar with the exorbitant cost of housing in California. The state’s median home price has crept above $800,000, more than double what it is nationwide. Among the 50 biggest cities in the country, we’re home to the top four most difficult places to afford a mortgage. And half of all Americans experiencing homelessness live in the state.

The California housing crisis has a seemingly simple solution, according to the laws of supply and demand: Build more housing. But for decades, resistance from suburban homeowners has stalled development as the problem has only gotten worse.

Bills Address the California Housing Crisis

On Thursday, the state took a step toward creating higher-density neighborhoods as Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two high-profile bills. Though the bills, Senate Bills 9 and 10, endured intense opposition in recent months, neither is all that revolutionary, said Conor Dougherty, a reporter for The New York Times who writes about economics in the state. But the package of reforms passed in California over the past four years, including these two latest measures, “is probably the biggest change in housing in 50 years or more,” Conor told me.

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Della S. Davis – Phoenix Lesbian Realtor

Della S. Davis - Phoenix Lesbian Realtor

Phoenix Lesbian Realtor Advocating For Her Clients

The Huffman Davis Group – Helping Manage Personal Wealth And Transitions Of Life Through The Intelligent Buying And Selling Of Real Estate.

Della Davis, a Phoenix lesbian Realtor with over 20 years at UPS, and Judy Huffman, Associate Broker & in Real Estate over 30 years, bring a wealth of service and sales experience to their clients. 

Della and Judy put their client’s needs at the forefront of their service and business! The relationships they have built over the years with fellow agents and related business owners allows them to leverage a strong network to seek out the hidden gems for their clients, always keeping their wants and needs in mind.

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A Real Estate Primer – Washington Blade

A Real Estate Primer - Washington Blade

When working with first-time buyers, I often hear them say, “I have a stupid question.” I automatically respond that there’s no such thing.  What they think may be a stupid question almost invariably has been asked before by many other people in the same situation. The answer to a stupid question almost always makes you smarter, so what they really have may be a “smart question.”

Several questions that were recently asked of me have prompted me to take another look at what I discuss in my initial buyer consultations, so let’s start there with a short real estate primer.

Real Estate Primer

Buyer Consultation is an initial meeting with a buyer, whether face-to-face, by telephone, or by Zoom or similar interactive means, where we exchange information about the buyer’s needs and the services I provide and determine whether we shall work together exclusively and for how long.

If we decide to go forward, we sign an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement, which allows an agent to be the buyer’s advocate by solely representing the buyer’s interests in a real estate transaction, protecting the buyer’s confidentiality, and providing essential services reserved for a client-based relationship. In the DMV, absent such an agreement, agents must legally represent and owe allegiance to a seller they have never met of a property they have never seen.

Authored By Valerie Blake
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David Schuringa – Schaumburg Gay Realtor

David Schuringa - Schaumburg Gay Realtor

Detail-Oriented Schaumburg Gay Realtor

I am a business professional and Schaumburg gay Realtor who strives for detail. I hold several certifications, but two I am extremely proud of are my At Home With Diversity certification and my Project Management Professional certification. These provide me unique qualities as a Real Estate professional. 

I’m fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and strive to make the home buying process seamless for my clients with any disability.

My attention to detail and business experience will help guide you down this exciting path.

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Fix or Sell As-Is – BHGRE

Fix or Sell As-Is - BHGRE

When you’ve decided to move on — whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, accepting a fantastic job offer in another city, or fleeing to (or from) the suburbs — think long and hard about what you really need to do to get your house market-ready. You may be tempted to go into renovation mode, but you might be better off selling your house as-is. So… fix or sell as-is?

Anything that impacts the home’s operation needs to be fixed before you list, including a leaky roof, a broken furnace, plumbing and the electrical system. These are all things sellers are legally obliged to disclose. If not, a home inspector will identify them to a potential buyer, possibly leading to an offer being withdrawn.

Here are some things to consider when selling your house.

Fix or Sell As-Is: Renovation ROI may not be there

Most home renovations don’t pay off instantly. Complete bathroom and kitchen renovations add the most value but also cause the most disruption and can be very expensive. If these rooms haven’t already been renovated, don’t start now. Focus on making sure the existing selling features of the home are in great shape.

At Gay Realty Watch, we look for news to share with you about the gay real estate market – both lgbt real estate news and news specific to gay and lesbian real estate meccas.

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Colton Christner – Las Vegas Gay Realtor

Colton Christner - Las Vegas Gay Realtor

Las Vegas Gay Realtor Since 2017

Colton was born and Eastern Iowa where he received his bachelors degree from the University of Northern Iowa. After college, he traveled the nation working at various Non-profits before settling in the area. 

Colton is a Las Vegas gay Realtor focusing on both buyers and sellers, he gives his clients A+ service by providing them with transparent communication, attention to detail and ultimately puts their interests above anything else.

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Knowing When to Buy a Vacation Home – BHGRE

When to Buy a Vacation Home - BHGRE

When to Buy a Vacation Home

If you’re lucky enough to have reached the time in your life when you can seriously contemplate buying a vacation home, there’s much to be excited about. According to the National Association of Realtors, one in eight homeowners are thinking of buying a second home. While summer may be the time of year you start to think longingly about sun, sea and sand, it may not be the best time to buy a cottage.

Here are some things to consider when deciding when to buy a vacation home.

Peak of Season is Seldom a Good Idea

Avoiding peak seasons makes sense in supply and demand terms. Peak season, whether you have your eye on a Vail ski chalet or a Cape Cod sea shanty, is when the area in which you’re looking is at its finest. Since vacation homes can be sentimental investments, many who’ve inherited them rent them out as additional sources of income so they can hang onto a property.

They may be sharing it with siblings or have had to buy them out. They also may be part-time vacation home investment owners who got in early on a new resort but need to ensure 100 percent occupancy during peak season to make their investment pay off.

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Beau MacDonnell – Phoenix Gay Realtor

Beau MacDonnell - Phoenix Gay Realtor

Phoenix Gay Realtor – First Timers & Experienced

I am a licensed Phoenix gay REALTOR with 10 years of experience here in the valley in everything from buying, selling to investing or newbuilds! Any real estate even is a big deal and often the largest transaction most people will deal with in their lifetime.

Working with someone that is experienced and knows how to win for their clients is important! Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate veteran, I am here to guide you through the process with as much or as little “hand-holding” as you need! 

If you are relocating from out of the area, talk to me about virtual showings and how to make your transition as smooth as possible!

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