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Housing Bust Mixed Owners With Renters

The housing bust blurred one of the distinctions that we often use to define and divide ourselves: whether we’rehomeowners orrenters. In the midst of the crash, longtime homeowners suddenly became renters (some of them even in their own homes). And many longtime renters suddenly concluded that they might not want to own after all. Single-family… Read more »

Use 3-D Technology to Virtually See Your Renovation

In the case of many homeowners, when you embark on the home-buying process, you understand that the home you set your sights on may need everything from minor tweaks to major renovations. Thanks to new technology, little needs to be left to the imagination when it comes to home renovations or building. Remodeling companies are… Read more »

Five Tips for Gay & Lesbian Homeowners

LGBT home sellers should understand that it is still a buyer’s market and that the average time it takes to sell a home is more indicative of a bear market than it is of a bullish one. With that in mind, LGBT homeowners who hope to sell in 2011 are encouraged to be proactive about… Read more »

Money Saving Tips for LGBT Homeowners

Saving energy around the house makes sense, and it can also help save a significant amount of money now and in the future. Here are a handful of ideas that are especially helpful but are often overlooked by those LGBT homeowners trying to minimize their energy consumption: Sustainable landscaping A more sustainable landscape not only… Read more »