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Reality TV Sets Buyers Up for Disappointment

Picture this: A nice couple wants to buy their first house. They love “today’s look” with coffered ceilings, dark wood floors, open kitchens that sport granite or marble counters and fenced yards large enough for a family reunion and a pack of Pekingese. They walk into a house, fall in love and before they can… Read more »

Valuing a High-End Reno

In renovating a home, you must ask yourself several questions: What do I want to do? Is this money well spent for resale, or am I spending it for myself? How long is this going to take? No, how long is this REALLY going to take, and what is the likelihood that I will go… Read more »

What to Consider Before You Renovate

With a little due diligence, prospective homebuyers’ disappointment at renovation time can be avoided. Too many times, I’ve had to deliver the upsetting news to new homebuyers who are ready to renovate that the project they are considering is not feasible with the home they purchased. The situation is unpleasant for both sides, but with… Read more »