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VA Home Loan Centers to Offer Mortgages to Married Gay and Lesbian Couples

Although maybe not in states that discriminate against gays. LGBT Weekly reports: One of the major areas of change facing San Diego-based VA Home Loan Centers and other agencies responsible for administering the VA Home Loan Guarantee to veterans is the question of same-sex marriage. Under federal law, veterans and their spouses are eligible to… Read more »

First Time Home Buyer

What should your down payment on a home be? Earlier this week I was chatting with a person who was waiting until they had 20% down to buy their first home. They did not know that they could buy a home with less money, partly because they were ill-informed. They were surprise when I told… Read more »

Let’s Make the Banks Write Down Underwater Mortgages

The federal government and state attorneys general, including Washington State’s Rob McKenna, are currently negotiating a settlement with the big banks over foreclosure abuses, with a deal expected within the next few weeks. Unless the public stays vigilant, this settlement could turn into a slap on the hand for Wall Street, with a slap in… Read more »

Lower Conforming Loan Limits Threaten Housing Recovery

The rancorous debate about how to address our escalating national debt has dominated the conversation in Washington lately. What isn’t getting much attention inside the Beltway — but should — is a looming event that could have major consequences not only for your home’s value but also for the overall economic recovery. Barring last-minute action… Read more »

AZ: State Has Second Highest Underwater Mortgage Rate in Country

Statistics indicating that nearly half of Arizona mortgages are under water brought no surprises to many homeowners who have had trouble selling a home or are fighting foreclosure. Arizona homeowners with reduced equity in their homes face many financial challenges, and the plummeting real estate market in Phoenix has been a major factor. A recent… Read more »

Fewer Mortgage Payers Fell Behind in Third Quarter

Fewer mortgage holders have been falling behind on their payments, with delinquencies — payments more than 60 days late — in the third quarter making their biggest decline in the last four years, TransUnion said Monday. National delinquencies fell to 6.44% in the quarter, compared to 6.67% in the second quarter, although the number still… Read more »