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Steven Henderson – Gay Asheville Mortgage Lender

Steven Henderson - Asheville Gay Mortgage Professional

Asheville native Steve Henderson began his career in mortgage banking 20 years ago after graduating from UNCA. An Asheville mortgage professional, Steve worked in the fulfillment side of mortgage originations and was able to gain experience in underwriting, closing, funding, and post-closing. A lifetime learner, Steve transitioned to retail branch originations and was crossed trained… Read more »

Scott Simons – Gay Chicago Mortgage Professional

Scott Simons - Chicago Gay Mortgage Professional

Scott Simons, a Chicago gay Mortgage Professional, is a proud member of Chicago’s LGBTQ community and he brings over 25 years of mortgage banking experience to the closing table.Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or upgrading you can feel comfortable knowing Scott understands the needs and concerns of both traditional and non-traditional families. See Scott’s… Read more »

Featured Gay Mortgage Professional: Adam Jaroszewski, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Adam is a gay Fort Lauderdale mortgage lender who specializes in home purchase loans and re-financing. Customer service is always his first priority. If you are planning to buy… Read more »

Did Underwater Homes Kill the US Economy?

Did the large number of homes where values dropped below the cost of their mortgages kill the economy during the Great Recession? Wonkblog thinks so. It is widely recognized that the fall in housing prices had a “wealth effect” that led homeowners across the country to cut back on spending. In the updated paper, Mian,… Read more »

Rethinking Your Mortgage

In previous articles, I have written a lot about buying a home or an investment property. Well, if you are fortunate enough to have a home and/or an investment property, or when you do have one in the future, you need to think about the mortgage and its long term effects. The most common loan… Read more »

BofA to Settle Claim of LGBT Discrimination on Housing Loan

The Bank of America has agreed to settle a claim brought by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on behalf of a lesbian couple that was denied financing for a home mortgage. Last year, HUD implemented sweeping nondiscrimination protections based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status, and this settlement marks the… Read more »

Mortgage Interest Rates at All-Time Low This Year

Although home mortgage rates continuously go up and down, they have been historically low over the last couple of years. This has enabled more buyers to afford a home. But this summer, the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage fell again, this time dropping below 3.50 percent for the first time in recorded history…. Read more »

Short Sale or Bankruptcy?

Stagnant real estate values in recent months in many areas across the country have homeowners everywhere continuing to feel anxious about homeownership, some are in a position in which they want or need to sell, while others may be in danger of losing their homes. Listen, it’s quite possible the real estate market has hit… Read more »

Featured Gay Friendly Mortgage Professional: Kevin Hoover, Albuquerque

Featured Gay Friendly Mortgage Professional: Kevin Hoover, Albuquerque Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Kevin is an Albuquerque resident who will give you the best possible service when you’re looking for a new loan or… Read more »

Mortgage Tips for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Home ownership can be tricky for same-sex couples — especially since we don’t have automatic property inheritance rights if one partner dies, and we don’t have easy access to divorce courts to help us sort out disputes if we break up. That means lesbian and gay couples need to take time to think through the… Read more »

Mortgage Buyers Losing Out to Cash Buyers

For home buyers who need to finance their purchase using a mortgage, a cash buyer can be their worst enemy. That’s because when a buyer makes a cash offer, the seller knows it’s a solid deal–and that financing hiccups won’t delay a closing. Sometimes, that’s enough for the seller to accept a lower bid for… Read more »