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Since so many people seemed to love our bad listing photos article, we decided to take a break from writing more actionable real estate content to bring you this list of weird real estate listings. But not just any weird houses. We’re talking 15 of the weirdest and most wonderful real estate listings of all time.

So turn your ringer off, tell your broker you’re taking a mini staycation, and get ready to gawk at some of the wildest real estate listings to ever go on the market—oh, and bad puns. There are lots and lots of bad puns in this article, too. We had an insanely long list to work from, but we managed to pare it down to just 15 very weird and very wonderful weird real estate listings.

1. Dick Clark’s Flintstone’s-inspired House in Malibu

Location: Malibu, California
Asking price: $1,777,777
Did it sell?: YES!

More wonderful than weird, radio legend Dick Clark’s Flintstone’s-inspired house in Malibu was a no-brainer for our list. Believe it or not, it wasn’t actually built to look like Fred and Wilma’s beachfront vacation villa. In reality, the architect was tasked with appeasing the local home owner association (HOA), which didn’t want anything “crazy” built on the site. The design he came up with is intended to look like a natural rock formation. They accepted his design, and the rest is history.

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