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Weird Real Estate - Bored Panda

Zillow is a holy database of “more than 110 million US homes for sale, for rent, and those ones that are not even on the market.” Now, keeping in mind this number, imagine the chances of stumbling across a property listing that transgresses the borders of common sense, practicality, and something as basic as taste. You say high? We say, tremendous.

Thanks to the new fan-favorite Instagram page “Zillow Gone Wild,” we now have this hand-picked collection of seriously weird real estate findings that’ll make you look twice, thrice, and think of something nice to say about it. Because many times, money can get you a mansion, but it won’t buy you taste.

525,000 followers are in for a daily treat of zillionaire-approved Zillow listings and trust me, each one seems better than the previous one. From the real-life Flintstones house and mushroom house unit to a $399,900 house featuring all the planet’s windows, and a roof house that looks how it sounds, 100% pure roof, the listings are ready for some cringe treatment.

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