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Why Buy a Home in the Winter?

winter house - pixabay

Why buy a home in winter? Well, usually there is less competition in the winter – sellers are more likely to accept a buyer’s terms. There might be lower inventory in the winter, but then again by the time spring rolls around, houses start getting four, five, six or even more offers. So looking to… Read more »

MO: St. Louis Real Estate Market Still Stalled

The housing market continues to scuff along the bottom, and with the economy flagging and the typically slow winter season coming, it may not get a bounce any time soon. Sales of previously owned homes in metro St. Louis in September climbed 15 percent compared with the same month last year, according to real estate… Read more »

National Association of Realtors: Winter Good Time for Buyers & Sellers

Is there a “best time” to sell your home? According to local real estate professionals and the National Association of Realtors, factors such as interest rates, employment, competitive pricing and even the school calendar year are factors to consider when selling a home in any season. The National Association of Realtors website states several advantages… Read more »