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Is Shared Housing a Hot New Trend?

I recently read an article in The Atlantic by Iliana E. Strauss – “The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is a Repeat of the Middle Ages.” The article addresses the trend in “co-housing,” in which people are choosing to live in housing with communal eating and socializing space. The author writes: “Homeownership is still viewed as a central component… Read more »

Are Parking-Free Apartment Buildings the Wave of the Future?

A wave of new residential construction projects in places like Seattle, Boston, and Miami are showing that, yes, modern American cities can build housing without any car parking on site. Officials in Boston gave their approval last week to what Curbed called the city’s “first big-time parking-less condo,” a 175-unit project named Lovejoy Wharf. The… Read more »

What to Expect From Real Estate in 2014

It’s time to look ahead to 2014 and what is coming in the real estate market. The Urban Land Institute recently released it’s closely followed annual “Trends in Real Estate 2014 Report”. While most investors are interested in their local market, this report looks at the big picture. Something all investors need to stay aware… Read more »

Good News for DC Homebuyers

There are several pieces of good news on the horizon for homebuyers. First, the D.C. real estate market is about to enter its fall season of active listings, which will increase the inventory of available homes for purchase. The D.C. market has two seasons of market activity: spring and fall. Imagine a line graph in… Read more »

Today’s Real Estate Report: Mexico

Today, in our ongoing series about local real estate markets, we’ll take a look at home sales and trends in Mexico: First off, The New York Times has an article about Mexican tourist towns: Mexico’s tourist towns are slowly recovering from the global economic crisis, said Larry Stebbins, a broker for San Miguel Sotheby’s International… Read more »

What Will 2011 Bring for US Real Estate?

The 2010 residential real estate market was a fetid stew of foreclosed homes, short sales, falling home prices and massive shadow inventory topped off with bad corporate behavior by the lending institutions and anemic government programs designed to help troubled borrowers. But one man’s poison may be another man’s medicine. Low interest rates, reduced home… Read more »