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Best Date to List a Home for Sale, By Market

Spring selling season is ready to bloom–in just over a week for some of the nation’s markets according to Zillow, which last week reported the best time frame to list a home for sale in specific major metros across the nation. The Hanley Wood Data Studio picked up on the Zillow report and created the… Read more »

State of the US Real Estate Market

Forbes Magazine, that guru of money, has recently issued a roundup of real estate realities for 2015. Rather than re-invent the wheel, this week I am presenting their insights to you in a deconstructed and simple format. Here we go: An overview: Real estate has stabilized – yay! After years of roller coaster values, we… Read more »

Is the New York City Real Estate Market a Bubble?

A prominent real estate bigwig caused a stir Thursday by admitting that the New York City residential property market is a big bubble waiting to pop. “If real estate was a publicly traded company and I could short its stock, I would very happily short 57th Street,” said Ofer Yardeni, CEO at real estate development… Read more »

Is the US Real Estate Market Stalling?

After picking up momentum over the last couple of years, there are some signs that the US housing market may be slowing. The Washington Post reports: The third installment of Freddie’s “Multi-Indicator Market Index” (or MiMi), which sizes up homebuying activity and other factors, found that only 10 states and the District of Columbia fall… Read more »

Are Seattle Renters Being Priced Out of the Market?

In the next few years Amazon said they will hire an additional 12,000 employees and they all have to live somewhere. But at what cost? The rapid redevelopment could become an epidemic for all of King County. The average one bedroom in South Lake Union costs $2,200. That’s more expensive than many of the trendy… Read more »

DC’s Real Estate Market in Review

In this article, I’ll review some statistics for D.C. real estate for 2013, and will have something to say to both sellers and buyers in light of those statistics. First, let’s consider the following graph of active listings vs. sold listings for the last 5 years. The monthly inventory of available homes (active listings) has… Read more »

US Housing Market Shrugs Off Higher Interest Rates

We asked earlier this morning if higher interest rates are killing the housing recovery. The answer provided by the latest data out Tuesday morning? A resounding ‘No.’ The Commerce Department said Tuesday that the number of permits issued for new housing soared in September and October (the two months were released simultaneously due to the… Read more »

Pace of US Housing Sales Slows in July

Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage, today issued its Fastest Markets Report for July 2013. Home-selling speeds fell for the third month in a row as the market continues to rebalance after an extremely competitive spring season. In today’s report, Redfin also ranks 23 markets across the country ordered by the percentage of homes… Read more »

Update On San Diego’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market has historically always gone in cycles. This means that housing prices go up and they go down. When prices are up, it is considered a seller’s market and when prices are down, it is a buyer’s market. There are of course other variables that play a part, like mortgage interest rates;… Read more »

What’s the Boston Real Estate Market Like?

Patty in San Francisco writes: Dear Leslie, My husband just got a new job in Boston. We’re planning a visit soon and are wondering what to expect in terms of housing in the Boston suburbs. Welcome Patty! I can safely say that you’re one of the few people who won’t have sticker shock when you… Read more »

San Diego Real Estate Market is Cooking

What’s that smell wafting in the air? Could it be the scent of cinnamon, cedar, cookies or pies? Or is it change that’s in the air for you? Do the holidays have you reconsidering a change in home ownership? Over the past few years consumer confidence has been down. People, in many cases, went from… Read more »

Texas Real Estate Market Showing Strong Signs of Recovery

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, including, it seems, the housing market recovery. Real estate agents in Dallas-Fort Worth sold almost 8,000 single-family homes in August, according to the Dallas Morning News, an 18 percent increase over July and the 14th consecutive month purchases have been higher than the year before. Another landmark: August sales… Read more »

San Diego Real Estate Market Booming

There is no exact timeframe or science to real estate cycles, but this alternation has been going on internationally ever since there were landowners. Today in San Diego and in most of the world, it is a buyer’s market. It has been a buyer’s market for four to five years, as prices have continued to… Read more »

New Orleans Real Estate Market Improving

The New Orleans area housing market finally appears to be recovering, Latter & Blum president Rick Haase told the UNO Economic Outlook and Real Estate Forecast Seminar Friday afternoon. When a real estate market begins to recover, the number of homes sold increases, the backlog of unsold homes on the market decreases, but prices continue… Read more »

Global Real Estate Market on the Mend

If you look beyond the housing market, there are reasons to believe the global commercial real estate market is poised to continue a strong rally, according to Jason Yablon, a real estate securities analyst at Cohen & Steers Inc., which manages $25 billion in real estate assets. “Right now is a pretty good time to… Read more »

Seattle Real State Agents Hopeful for 2011

Local real estate professionals see recent positive economic news as foretelling good things for the housing market — which is just as well, given that the housing numbers themselves continue to provide little hope. “If you were in any mall in Washington state in December, you got the feeling that the economy is headed in… Read more »