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The Housing Crisis: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

West Hollywood is one of the best-known small cities in America. It’s known for a diverse array of reasons — its rock n’ roll history on the Sunset Strip, its Russian population, and, of course, as a gay mecca. Since the city’s incorporation in 1984, West Hollywood (or “WeHo” as it is affectionately called) has… Read more »

Arrested Development Explains the Housing Crisis

As surely as Guns N’ Roses’s “Chinese Democracy” is in the iTunes store and Duke Nukem Forever is on Steam, the fourth season of “Arrested Development” is, after seven years of hints and speculation, finally on Netflix. The show’s always had a political bent and the latest iteration is no exception. But while the first… Read more »

Looking Back on the Housing Bust

Binyamin Applebaum reviews the administration’s mortgage policies. Yglesias reflects: [T]he economic team wasn’t saying there was nothing they could do on housing. Nor were they saying that doing more on housing was a bad idea. They were saying that given finite financial resources they thought investing money in homeowner relief was a poor use of… Read more »