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Follow Your Own Home Buying List

There are lots of “Lists” proclaiming the best places to live, best neighborhoods, best Zip Codes, and more. If you are in the market to buy this spring, all of these lists can be swirling around in your head just adding confusion to your purchase. How do you evaluate those Lists? Those recommendations? How do… Read more »

TIPS: Moving From a Condo to a House

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Thinking of moving from your smaller condo into a single-family home? Read on and find out what to expect. Thinking about making the leap from condo living to single-family homeownership? Read on. We’ve helped many clients when moving from a condo to a house so we thought we’d share the main benefits of making this… Read more »

A Home’s Cost vs Price Explained

We have often talked about the difference between COST and PRICE. As a seller, you will be most concerned about ‘short term price’ – where home values are headed over the next six months. As either a first time or repeat buyer, you must not be concerned about price but instead about the ‘long term… Read more »

Make Your Home Ready for All Generations

Planning for multigenerational living has been on the rise in recent years. With life expectancies increasing and early baby boomers entering their golden years, this trend is expected to continue. As a result, many of today’s remodeling projects focus on creating spaces that are adaptable to evolving life circumstances. Depending on your family’s needs and… Read more »

Urban Cool – Factories Converted Into Homes

This article over at Redfin caught our eye – factories that have been converted into homes. Redfin reports: At the turn of the century factories were popping up all over the United States, but starting in the 1970s those factories began to shut down one by one. Many of them were built in what used… Read more »

Utah: Lesbians Selling Mormon Prophet’s Birthplace

The birthplace of one of the greatest Mormon prophets, former LDS Church president Gordon B. Hinckley, is up for sale. The owners, according to the Salt Lake Tribune: a lesbian couple, Cristy Gleeve and Keri Jones (who together have a daughter named Glory). Hinckley was the LDS Church’s longest-serving leader until his death in 2008… Read more »

Treating Your Home as An Investment

If you keep in mind that your home is one of your biggest investments, you will think about it in a different light, whether you are buying, renovating, keeping it or selling it. Home ownership is a big part of the “American dream,” and our government provides incentives for homeowners in the form of investment… Read more »