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Preparing for a Home Inspection

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Congratulations, Mr. Seller! Your house is now under contract — but you may not want to start packing yet. Your contract may include contingencies, which are conditions that must be met before a real estate transaction can be completed. Unless your buyers are paying cash, they will likely have a finance contingency to ensure that… Read more »

The 10 Most Common Defects Found During Home in Sections

During the home inspection process, home inspectors report that most home defects are extremely similar. In light of this, knowing these common home problems can help both the buyer and seller be more proactive in the homebuying process. For sellers, you can take a quick inventory of your home to see if any problems exist,… Read more »

The Difference Between a Survey and a Home Inspection

Different areas of the country have different requirements for survey and home inspection requirements. No matter your geographic location, these are two distinctly separate processes in the home-buying and selling process. Simply put, the home inspection process examines the condition of a home compared to a survey that identifies the property lines of a home…. Read more »