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Will Gayborhoods See a Resurgence?

Castro District - pixabay

The election of Donald Trump portends—if not darker days—certainly more gloomy days ahead for America’s LGBT community. President-elect Trump’s proposed policy agenda seems designed to marginalize minority groups, and Vice President-elect Pence has a demonstrated track record of vigorously working to restrict LGBT rights. The tone set by their transition team has already proven to… Read more »

Why Are Gayborhoods So Gay?

Space, place, neighborhood and household — these are all terms we use in everyday life to describe where we like to hang out, play, sleep, eat and love. Because we identify ourselves through things such as names, sexual and gender identities, race/ethnicity and national origin, it is fair to say that when discussing intersectionality, the… Read more »

The Escalating Demise Of Gayborhoods

Personal assistant Brenden Michaels is wondering if his days in Brooklyn are numbered. He still clings to a cheap rental flat in uber-gentrified Williamsburg, but has seen his neighbourhood’s prices skyrocket. He now laughingly suspects even the improvements he’s made to his own home may eventually come back to bite him. “I’ve repainted everything, put… Read more »

Gayborhoods – Victims of the Success of LGBT Rights?

For decades, the blinds of this semisubterranean Laguna Beach bar were closed tight. Back then, the dingy saloon was underground in more ways than one. People whom employers might still refuse to hire because of their love interests flirted openly as they knocked back martinis. Couples whom hotels might turn away for wanting to share… Read more »

New York City’s Gay Bar Gayborhoods

Today’s post about the coming closure of Candle Bar prompted JMG reader John to tip us to OUTgoing, a recently-launched project to map all of the former and current gay bars in New York City history. Citylab reports: Jeff Ferzoco has created an interactive map, OUTgoing, that captures the ever-unfolding history of New York’s LGBT… Read more »

Do Gayborhoods Really Increase Home Prices?

The often-discussed, but rarely studied, question of whether an influx of gay neighbors can increase home values was tackled by economists at the Seattle-based Zillow in their book “The New Rules of Real Estate.” In a chapter titled the “Gayborhood Phenomenon” Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries and CEO Spencer Rascoff look at data on migrations… Read more »

Are Rising Rents Killing off Gayborhoods?

West Hollywood is a small city geographically; in total we’re less than 2 square miles in size. But our influence and impact is limitless. For 30 years now, “WeHo,” as it’s been affectionately called since its founding, has been a beacon of progressive values and economic innovation for not just the L.A. region but the… Read more »

Out Traveler’s Top 10 US Gayborhoods #8: Capitol Hill, Seattle

We’re counting down the top ten US Gayborhoods, according to Out Traveler. The tenth place finisher is in Philadelphia: 8. Capitol Hill (Seattle), with 6.56 percent of the vote Seattle’s queer neighborhood may not have cracked the top five, but many of us know how lovely it is. We say give it a few more… Read more »

Are Gayborhoods Really Going Away?

Welcome back to Ask a Homo, a judgment-free zone where the gays of Outward answer questions about LGBTQ politics, culture, etiquette, language, and other queer conundrums. In this edition we ponder the fate of the “gayborhood,” that area in most major cities that has traditionally catered to and been called home by a high concentration… Read more »

Are Our Gayborhoods Fading?

At one of the oldest gay taverns in the city’s Boystown neighborhood, the regulars were sharing a laugh over what they had seen the night before at their watering hole: a gaggle of straight women. “It was like they were at a gay museum,” joked James Davies, 61, who has been a regular at Little… Read more »

Are Bars Leaving the Gayborhoods?

Understandably, the LGBT community has created strongholds in urban environments where strength in numbers offers inhabitants a voice as well as safety. Because of this, many cities have nationally recognized gay neighborhoods where we are able to live and thrive. But in the past decade we have noticed more and more of us moving into… Read more »

Are Gayborhoods Going Straight?

New research finds that traditionally gay neighbourhoods are becoming increasingly “straight” places, and could be at risk of losing their distinct cultural identity. Fewer same-sex couples reside in historically gay neighbourhoods compared to 10 years ago, according to one of the largest studies of sexuality in the U.S. Led by University of British Columbia sociologist… Read more »

Where Is the New Los Angeles Gayborhood?

Los Angeles’ LGBT community has long gravitated toward the ‘gayborhoods’ of West Hollywood and Silver Lake, often due to concerns of safety and those cozy hamlets’ wide range of cultural and nightlife options. But times, they are a-changin’, and our city’s younger set of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Angelenos prefer to pop the proverbial… Read more »

Study: Living in the Gayborhood

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Planning Association sheds light on the connection between our patterns of movement and what we have in common with our neighbors. Urban planning researchers Michael Smart, of Rutgers, and Nicholas Klein, of the Pratt Institute, examined how people who live in neighborhoods bound by social… Read more »

What Effect Do Gayborhoods Have on Urban Areas?

The sociological and economic benefits of urban “gayborhoods” — loosely defined as neighborhoods in which many gay men and lesbians concentrate — was discussed at length on HuffPost Live this week. Interestingly, Professor Janice Madden found an interesting discrepancy between the neighborhoods which traditionally attract gay men versus those that draw a high lesbian population…. Read more »

Why Gayborhoods Are Important

For the world premiere of HBO’s Looking, the new show about the lives of three gay men in the Bay Area, the cable network turned to one of the epicenters of gay culture in perhaps the most gay-friendly city in the country: the Castro Theatre, right in the center of one of the most thriving… Read more »

Where Are Jacksonville, Florida’s Gayborhoods?

Wikipedia lists three: Riverside & Avondale: Riverside and Avondale are chiefly residential, but they have some commercial zoning, including several commercial centers that are architecturally integrated with the rest of the neighborhood. Sun-Ray Cinema in Five Points: Five Points is a small commercial district centered on and around the five-way intersection between Park, Lomax, and… Read more »

Where is Boston’s Gayborhood?

CNN has the answer from the last census: Most popular neighborhood for same-sex male couples: South End, Boston ($608 per square foot). Most affordable alternative: Dorchester, Mass. ($209 per square foot). Most popular neighborhood among same-sex female couples: Jamaica Plain, Boston ($304 per square foot). Affordable alternative: Roslindale, Mass. ($227 per square foot). At Gay… Read more »

Austin’s Top Ten Gayborhoods

Austin is one of the most progressive, liberal, and gay-friendly places in America. If you ask a gay person in Austin where the gay neighborhood is, you’ll most likely get the response “We don’t have a gay neighborhood, the whole city is gay friendly.” That’s pretty accurate. Austin is one of the most friendly cities… Read more »

USA: Home Prices Rise Faster in Gayborhoods

Home prices are rising faster in major U.S. cities than in their suburbs, especially in neighborhoods that have larger gay and lesbian populations and are more racially diverse, according to a national listing service. Asking prices, on a per-square-foot basis, for houses in urban neighborhoods have risen by 11.3 percent in the past year, Trulia… Read more »

Living in Tacoma – Where Are the Gayborhoods?

Tucked between the big queer paradise known as Seattle and the little queer paradise known as Olympia you’ll find a resplendent medium-sized queer paradise: Tacoma, Washington. Equally damp and flannel-friendly as its neighboring cities, it’s pretty much raining lesbians in Tacoma. Tacoma hasn’t always had the most gleaming reputation, but over the past 15 years… Read more »

Gay Guide to San Diego

I was born and raised in San Diego. I’ve played tour guide to plenty of visitors and the more I learn about San Diego, the more I love it. The majority of the city is gay friendly, but like any city, the best part is the gayborhood. About three miles north of downtown sits San… Read more »

Gay Guide to Baltimore

Baltimore has always been an important city for me. My stepdad grew up here, and my family took regular trips here years before I started college at the Peabody Conservatory, a Johns-Hopkins-affiliated music conservatory in the city. In my sophomore year, my mom took a job teaching at a private school here and my parents… Read more »

Finding Dallas’s Gayborhoods

For years, the Oak Lawn area has been known as The Gayborhood, an enclave not just where the LGBT community gathers to party, but also where many choose to live. The demographics in this part of town skew so heavily, just saying “Oak Lawn” or “Cedar Springs” is practically code for “gay.” As the community… Read more »