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The Rise and Fall of the American Downtown – Boston Real Estate Times

From a city’s economic engine to the center of political and administrative power. From cultural heart and nightlife hotspot to dilapidated buildings and high crime rates. From opulent penthouse suites to derelict homes. The downtowns of American cities, both big and small, have always been dynamic places that shifted with the times. From the early… Read more »

How Downtowns Succeed

I had anticipated some of the rewards and discoveries of visiting cities in the process of economic and cultural recovery and re-invention. An unexpected reward has been the chance to get a time-capsule view, a kind of real-life time-line diorama, of how the downtown areas of cities look through all the stages of a decline-and-rise… Read more »

Miami’s Condo Market May Be Cooling Off

A new study confirms the latest chatter from real-estate watchers: Miami’s sizzling downtown condo market is cooling down. Skyrocketing construction costs, overheated land prices and falling foreign currencies have finally caught up with a housing market that boomed after the lean years of the recession. But unlike the last go-around, when highly leveraged projects brought… Read more »

Houston Wants to Bring More Residents Downtown

For Krishnan Iyer, moving downtown meant a lot of things: Not having to use his car in auto-dependent Houston, being able to walk to work, to restaurants, to the movies. The 34-year-old consultant left The Woodlands two years ago for a one-bedroom apartment in the Post Rice Lofts at Main and Texas and hasn’t looked… Read more »

Who Belongs in Downtown?

Many American cities now enjoy an amazing reversal of fortune. Once hollowed-out shells mainly for those too poor to move — or those so rich they didn’t have to deal with the poor — cities are again filling up with educated and aspiring young people. They are flooding into Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and other… Read more »

Downtown Portland, Oregon YWCA Could Morph Into Condos or Apartments

A Bellevue, Wash., architect has bought the YWCA Building in downtown Portland with plans to turn it into residences with art-focused commercial space. Wei Zhang, principal architect at BDCL Design International, bought the building at 1111 S.W. 10th Ave. for $4.25 million in a venture with partners based in Vancouver, B.C., and China. The deal… Read more »

Will They Build a Gayborhood in Downtown Las Vegas?

Is a “gayborhood” the next development for downtown Las Vegas? Maybe. Investors are pooling their money to buy swaths of property downtown in the hopes of creating an affordable gay neighborhood. Realtor Jack Levine is one of about four investors. He said lawyers are poring over legal documents this week to form a corporation, and… Read more »

Large Condo Project Opens Sales in Downtown Seattle

The first major condo project launched since the real estate bust started sales this past weekend. Insignia, under construction at Sixth Avenue and Bell Street, will have twin 41-story towers atop a shared base. The first phase, set to open in spring 2015, contains 350 one- and two-bedroom condos, priced from a little under $500,000… Read more »

KS: Downtown Wichita’s Renovation Underway

It has been a year since a consultant first rolled out Project Downtown, the master plan to revitalize Wichita’s downtown. It has been a year of successes: the Cargill Innovation Center, a flurry of new and renovated hotel rooms, a retooled piece of the river front, a handful of new condominiums. But it also has… Read more »

Pensacola, Florida Wants to Build a World-Class Downtown

The experts are always telling us that we need vibrant, diverse, active downtowns with personality to stimulate economic development and attract the affluent “knowledge workers” of the future, not to mention improve our own quality of life. But how, exactly, do we do that? Thursday’s speaker at the Florida Institute of Machine and Human Cognition… Read more »

AB: Edmonton’s Downtown Faces Golden Opportunity

This is a city that can’t help but grow, as the city’s chief economist likes to say. For Edmonton, it’s already baked into the pie. The real question is: What kind of growth does this city want? Will it remain an esthetically challenged, relentlessly utilitarian industrial burg -the “boiler room” of Canada, as Mordecai Richler… Read more »

FL: Downtown Miami Real Estate Market Reviving

More folks are choosing to call downtown Miami and the surrounding area home, halting fears of condo buildings closing and fueling some new and novel businesses. The latest real estate numbers show 85 percent of downtown Miami condos are now occupied — up more than 20 percent from two years ago, when that number was… Read more »

Great Deals in the Vancouver Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to purchase, sell or rent apartments, condos, town houses or lofts, the very best place to look is the Vancouver real estate marketplace. It is a large thriving marketplace with properties to fit just about any pocket. To get the best real estate deals, it is essential that you hire the services… Read more »