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Did Detroit Gayborhood Ever Exist?

I’m interested in the history of whether or not there was a Detroit gayborhood. The Short Answer After World War II, downtown Detroit was a hub for gay bars. Then, starting in the 1950s, the gay population began following the migration pattern of many Metro Detroiters, heading northward. By the 1970s, there was a community… Read more »

Palmer Park, Detroit’s Old Gayborhood, Sees a Renaissance

Palmer Park was once Detroit’s premier gayborhood. Now, after decades of neglect, it’s coming around again. Model D. reports: This exquisite neighborhood — bordered by Woodward to the east, the park itself on its northern edge, Pontchartrain Blvd to the west and McNichols to the south — was home to much of Detroit’s Jewish community… Read more »

Should Detroit Have Its Own Gayborhood?

Most major U.S. cities (and major world cities) have neighborhoods that are either organically or intentionally filled with LGBT-oriented commercial and residential districts. The last area Detroit claimed as a “gayborhood” was Palmer Park, bordered by McNichols, Woodward and Pontchartrain Blvd. Prime time for the neighborhood filled with gorgeous apartments (now under restoration) was the… Read more »

Detroit’s Economy Picking Up

Detroit, for so long the butt of jokes nationwide due to the levels of poverty and dilapidation on display to any visitors, is making a speedy return to the pinnacle of America’s manufacturing industry. The good feeling around Michigan is practically tangible. We should know – Benzinga is based in the state. While the Tigers… Read more »

MI: Detroit’s Changing Face

Detroit is gaining traction. Real estate investors, civic leaders and other Detroit supporters are talking about a palpable difference in the city’s economic development progress, especially in core areas like Midtown and downtown. Properties are changing hands. New owners are setting up shop with hubs for innovation and retail. Residential spaces are getting spiffed up… Read more »