Patricia Chiarelli – Ottawa Lesbian Realtor

Patricia Chiarelli - Ottawa Lesbian Realtor

Five Star Ottawa Lesbian Realtor

Patricia Chiarelli is a native of the Ottawa region and an Ottawa lesbian Realtor, and currently lives Downtown with her wife (Claudia), daughter (Sophia) and two dogs (Oliver and Marley). After graduating from Notre Dame High School, Patricia obtained a Business Degree with a major in Marketing.

Patricia’s parents immigrated to Canada and landed in this city, saved their money and purchased properties throughout the years. Patricia keenly learned from them and at age 26 purchased her first property. From there, she purchased and sold many properties, slowly building equity allowing her to establish her current portfolio of rental properties. What she enjoys most is using this knowledge to work with buyers and sellers who are at all stages—from beginners to savvy investors.

During Patricia’s free time, she enjoys going for long walks, biking and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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