Richard Woods – San Diego Gay Realtor

Richard Woods - San Diego Gay Realtor

San Diego Gay Realtor & Real Estate Attorney

I am not only a real estate broker, but a San Diego gay Realtor and a licensed attorney too, skilled in the art of negotiation which is crucial in today’s ever-changing and challenging market. With an unrelenting resolution to be the best, I strive for excellence as a real estate and legal professional. You can be assured to find an attitude of excellence, a commitment to personal service, a foundation of knowledge, a solid reputation and proven performance.

Few brokers have had the kind of success that I have in last 17 years; the combined total for the Woods Real Estate Services’ team exceeds $325,943,200 in real estate sold and over 620 total properties sold. Furthermore, this extraordinary team of 10 outstanding individuals has over 90+ years of combined real estate sales experience in the San Diego community.

My family has been in sales and customer service for over 30 years. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, my parents instilled a strong sense of being a part of a community, not just living in and taking from it, but giving back to it and providing extraordinary service. My family operated Kempsville Family Roller Skating Center in Virginia Beach for over 30 years as a proud member of the community.

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Tamara Z (Zyhylij) – San Diego Lesbian Realtor

Tamara Z (Zyhylij) - San Diego Lesbian Realtor

San Diego Lesbian Realtor Rated 5 Stars By Clients

As a San Diego lesbian Realtor, Tamara Z’s sole objective is to build long-term relationships with her clients by providing outstanding service with exceptional outcomes. Communication is a key factor for smooth and successful transactions and is a top priority.

By maximizing her extensive experience and industry relationships, she positions her clients for success from day one. To that end, she provides a more personalized service that focuses on meeting client’s goals and serving their needs first and foremost. The many referrals and repeat transactions received from past clients attests to her commitment to client satisfaction.

Licensed and working full-time in real estate since 2003 and a San Diego lesbian Realtor, she has immersed herself in the industry; building relationships and alliances with power partners, volunteering in her community and serving her peers through the local association of Realtors.

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