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Albuquerque, Boston, Sarasota, And Cincinnati See Huge Foreclosure Jumps in Third Quarter

Foreclosures which had been delayed by the robo-signing scandal and bankrutpcy overflow in some courts have hit some housing markets with a vengeance. It is yet another examples that the crisis is primarily in a few large markets. It is the problems in these market that will have to be resolved to lift their regional… Read more »

FL: Sarasota Real Estate Market Still Strong in April

The Sarasota Association of Realtors (SAR) reported 759 property sales were closed in the Sarasota market last month, continuing a strong spring surge that reached the 800 level in March. Sarasota’s real estate market is at its highest levels since late 2005 when sales started to decline. Prices also maintained their highest levels of the… Read more »