Justin Syens

Justin Syens

Surrey Gay Real Estate Agent - British Columbia, Canada

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Company: Homelife Benchmark Realty
1-1920 152 St,
Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 4N6, Canada
License: 170915
Phone: 1 604 340-3734
Clientele Welcomed: Bisexual, Gay Men, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender
Area Served: Surrey, Whiterock, Langley, Abbotsford

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Gay Real Estate Agent in Surrey, British Columbia

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was 15, I would've told you a Dentist. My father and my Grandfather were both REALTOR©s. Mostly as a teenager, I never wanted to get into this industry.

As a kid, you want to be "normal". Anything your family does outside of "normal" mortifies you. Well, we were Christian and homeschooled. I was gay, and my dad worked at funny times.

Looking back at it, not sure why I was so concerned with my dad being home during the day and working weekends.

I started my work life in restaurants. I moved up the ranks at Cactus Club. I spent a few years as a General Manager.

In 2015, I started in Real Estate with another REALTOR© selling new construction.

In 2017 I joined forces with one of my good friends from the restaurant Kelsey Findlay. We formed TOTL | real estate team.

We are aware of our clients' needs. We are responsive. This led us to become part of the top 10% of real estate teams in the Fraser Valley.

As a Surrey gay Realtor, my values centre around humility, hard work, and professionalism.

This isn't about working from scripted conversations from cheesy Real Estate gurus. This's about actually providing an experience to our clients. An experience that they wouldn't even know how to ask for.

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