Would Legalizing Gay Marriage Lower Mortgage Rates?

In an interview conducted by Lori Hahn with M.V. Badgett, author of When Gay People Get Married, Dr. Badgett discusses how the Dr.’s homeland of the Netherlands gives 3/4 of the rights and benefits to gay couples simply if they live together.  From the article it can be construed that by including the right to marry for gays would lower the mortgage rates in the area.

By including all of the rights and benefits alloted to other citizens, mortgage rates would be lowered because of the tax benefits given to married couples, allowing for more disposable income.  That income would increase the purchases in the community and thus increase the value of the surrounding businesses.

It would also allow for health insurance to be purchased as a couple.  This would also increase the amount of income that could be put back into the community and thus reduce mortgage rates.

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