Worthless Home Improvement


Worthless Home Improvement

Homeowners partake in certain “renovations” that they think will drastically improve the value of their house. When in reality, it probably wasn’t the best investment. Here I will discuss a couple things homeowners do but don’t actually help the value of the home. There are more than you think.

1. Beautiful Landscape: A beautiful yard is definitely appealing but may not produce an increase in the home’s value. Don’t get me wrong it can increase the chances of a potential buyer coming in for a closer look when they see magnificent landscaping but there are buyers who do not want to deal with the upkeep of a garden. Then your masterpiece becomes an eyesore for some potential buyers.

2. Modern Upgrades: Stainless steel appliances or imported tile look great and can add significant value to your home. However, the modern remodel must match the style of the rest of the house. If your modern kitchen is the only modern thing in your house, it may come off as a work in progress and therefore not retain as high of a return as intended.

3. Maintenance: Lastly, those needed improvements that make the house nicer to live in may not produce any increase in equity. Sadly, that new plumbing system you installed will not see any return on investment because these days home buyers have come to expect these systems to be in place at a home. To ease the pain it may be easier to think of these improvements as maintenance instead of an investment.

Written by Todd Moeller, 714-404-9540 [email protected] – Unique, open and caring specializing in helping people find good values and good homes in Orange County. Visit Todd’s website here.