Working with Lenders

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Working with Lenders


Referral from friends and family can offer extensive knowledge about a specific lender. Loan processes can change from lender to lender, therefore, understanding the processes of your lender beforehand is extremely beneficial.

Research your lender

From above, it should be noted that having the necessary information before you meet with a prospect lender is vital. Furthermore, if you cannot find a referral or recommendation, research information about the different types of mortgages and ask questions about items that seem to peculiar. Asking questions like this may impede the broker from adding closing costs and other fees at your expense. During peak season the possibility of tricky lenders that give fake rates and extra costs goes up. That is why it serves you a great deal to research your lender and the different types of mortgages.

Check their Professional Standing

Lastly, check the credentials of the different mortgage banks and brokers. Most often, regulations do not affect mortgage brokers. If so, check with the local chapter of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers or Better Business Bureau to see if they have a clean record. These resources will give you a better understanding of your lenders professional standing and will make you a more informed shopper. Same goes for online shopping for lenders. It can’t be stressed enough to shop cautiously online. Online deals may seem attractive but more than likely are hiding extra fees and costs.

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