Wilton Manors Florida News | Strong Early Voting in South Florida

Frank Vigliotti, Realtor, CDPE, PA of the Henri Frank Group at Remax

Frank Vigliotti, Realtor, CDPE, PA of the Henri Frank Group at Remax

Wilton Manors Florida News | Strong Early Voting in South Florida

Is it that Florida will be the first to become Purple?

As the day nears, November 6, 2012, 2012 Election Day, early voting polls in Florida has Governor Romney up by 6-points. For those who are working endlessly here at the  Elect Obama-Biden 2012 Wilton Manors headquarters, there efforts don’t go unnoticed. An Obama-Biden volunteer said to me, “it’s way too early to tell.” The lines all week at the early polling precincts in Broward County, one here at Wilton Manors City Hall on Wilton Drive, were five hour to six hour waiting time. The office of the Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred is located right next to the City Hall. “We saw early voters and endless lines all week long. Voters from not only Wilton Manors had come into our real estate office asking where the early voting center was located. Not that it was hard to find, but it was interesting just how many had come to Wilton Manors to cast their vote,” says Henri Vezie, co founder of the Henri Frank Group in Wilton Manors.


The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign Headquarters was brokered by Dan O’Brian a member of the Henri Frank Group. “It was an interesting process nine months ago when I was approached by the Broward County campaign manager to specifically find a space here in Wilton Manors Florida.” City of Wilton Manors was the #2 destination and neighboring City of Oakland Park  was #9 for GLBT: gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples relocating to from all over the United States. This report revealed #1 was Provincetown Massachusetts and #3 was Palm Springs California.


The State of Florida a large, politically divided state that is critical to either candidate in the nationwide race between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.  Florida’s independent voters are either too conservative for the Republican Party, too liberal for the Democrats — or too independent for either. They are all over the political map, an apt reflection of Florida. Florida is a state where primarily the Southern part of the State is Democrats, the North, the Republican Party and Central Florida a mix of the two and Independent voters, who many political analsysts say will be the ‘deciders’ of the electoral votes in the State of Florida.

The voices of independents have become increasingly important in Florida for two major reasons:

•  No Party Affiliation, even though it’s not a party at all,  is the fastest growing major party in Florida since 2008.  Over the past four years, the ranks of NPAs have grown 22 percent to 2.6 million. That’s 22 percent of the roughly 12 million people on the total active voter rolls, which increased just 6 percent overall. The Democratic Party, the largest in Florida, grew only 1 percent, and the Republican Party’s ranks increased just 4 percent.


•  The fastest-growing racial or ethnic segment of the electorate is Hispanic, with 14 percent of the total rolls and rising fast. Of the more than 300,000 new Hispanic voters on the rolls in the past four years, 46 percent became NPAs, 43 percent became Democrats and only 11 percent became Republicans. Less than 1 percent signed up with a third party, whose voters are typically considered independents as well because they’re independent of the Republican and Democratic parties.


 Does Politics and Political Affiliations Effect your decision when Relocating?

As Realtors in South Florida, Real Estate agents in Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale, it is interesting to see how politics and the political composition of our area reflects on the decision of the buyers. Altough we would like to think that anywhere in our great country the GLBT Community is openly accepted and embraced, it’s not. Although great strides have been made for our community, political affiliations and attitudes towards the GLBT can be a major consideration for many of our GLBT clients relocating to any area within the USA.
Broward County Registered Voters as of November 3, 2012:
  • Democrat: 595,849,
  • Republican: 260,004,
  • Other: 287,631
for a total of Registered Voters in the South Florida region,
Broward County: 1,143,484
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