Will New “Billionaire’s Row” Condo Buildings Darken Central Park?

Central Park, New YorkIt’s a comforting fact of New York City life that space in Central Park will never be allocated for towering high rise condos, glass-walled TD Banks or the upscale, alcohol-slinging Denny’s that have become commonplace in so much of the city. But according to some, the threat of development destroying the park is still very real–not of physical structures being built in the park, but the shadows that such structures will cast from the outside.

A panel of stakeholders congregated at the New York Public Library last night to discuss the potential effects of shadows cast by the forthcoming “Billionaire’s Row,” a set of seven sky-high luxury apartments that many park-goers fear will prematurely darken soccer games and picnics with their omnipresent icy shade.

Among the panelists were Warren St. John, who penned an editorial on the topic for the Times last month, as well as Gary Barnett, the president of Extell Development, the company behind the shimmering new One57, the website for which declares itself “the tallest residential property in Manhattan” at 90 stories and 1,000 feet tall. Judging by which guy earned the most applause, the 500-person auditorium appeared to be predominantly packed with uneasy NIMBYs. The event had its own dedicated hashtag, #cpsupertowers.

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