Why Use a GRN Agent?

There are many great reasons to use a gay-friendly real estate agent/gay real estate agent: knowledge of the gay community and gay friendly neighborhoods, understanding of the special hurdles that can face gay and lesbian couples when buying/selling a home.

Working with a qualified gay real estate agent or gay real estate agent can be very helpful when searching for your next home, investment property, or second home.

On a personal level, a gay or lesbian agent will often be more comfortable with gay real estate clients, and feeling at ease with the professional who’s helping you with one of the largest purchases of your life is very important.

For LGBTIQA buyers, especially couples, there are other considerations, including the social environment of their new neighborhood. A gay real estate agent or gay friendly real estate agent should know which neighborhoods have higher concentrations of gay/lesbian residents, as well as the social tone of each area – whether some areas tend to be more liberal or conservative, for instance.

Finally, it’s important to support the community. At Gay Realty Network, we believe strongly in using our dollars to support LGBTIQA owned and friendly businesses. Wouldn’t you rather your money went to someone who believes in the same basic rights for the community that you do?