Why More Gay Retirees Are Buying Costa Rica Real Estate

Why More Gay Retirees Are Buying Costa Rica Real EstateMany gay people are unencumbered by deep and binding family ties; 90 percent of us have no children. As we age and our parents have passed on we can become more mobile than at any other time in our lives. Not having to be home for Christmas makes it easy to consider heading south.

Retiring to a typical retirement area can be a frightening prospect. Even more so for perhaps three million gay boomers who are entering their graying years. Fitting in in a heterosexually dominated area is particularly difficult when you want to hold your husband’s hand or share a room with him when assisted living is required. The situation is particularly stark for gay men and women who haven’t raised children prepared to look after them.

Costa Rica may be a valid, even exciting, retirement option for graying gays. Costa Rica is perhaps the most Americanized Central American country, making it easy to adapt to. Though it can be more expensive than other Central American countries there is better infrastructure, a higher quality of life and a long-term, stable democracy. The nation is the most stable of all Central American nations. Armed forces were abolished in Costa Rica in 1948. This just may be our secret paradise and no visa is required for visitors from the USA. We all don’t have to move to Wilton Manors.

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