Why Go to A Real Estate Broker?

San Francisco HomeIn this era, when everything seems available on the Internet and we appear just a click away from buying anything from a new bathing suit to a new yacht, why should we bother with a real estate agent? Good question and it bears a real discussion.

Why can’t sellers and buyers just deal directly and cut out the middleman? After all, 6 percent commissions are expensive and won’t buyers ultimately pay less when this fee is taken out of the equation?

Not necessarily. A real estate broker is presumably a professional and as such, has accumulated all kinds of information you and I simply do not have. They’ve studied the laws related to real estate, know how to read and draw a contract of sale, and most importantly, know your marketplace like the back of their hands. They know what’s what, and what properties are actually worth today, and probably yesterday and even tomorrow. This information which they will impart to you as a seller or buyer can ultimately mean that you pay the right price for the best property for you, in which you are happy living for many years.

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