Why Do Realtors Keep Asking Me if I’m Working With Anyone Else?

San Francisco HomeI get asked that question almost as much as I ask it of them!

So many potential Buyers feel the need to contact the Listing Agent themselves and, if the Realtor is doing the job correctly, the first question needs to be

“What is the name of the Realtor you’re currently working with?”
(to be gramatically correct I know it should be “What is the name of the Realtor WITH WHOM you are working?” LOL)

Day in and day out, I am provided with a great buffet of responses:

1. Yes, but they’re busy.

2. Yes, but they’re away on holiday.

3. Yes, but I don’t want to bother them til I find the perfect place.

4. Yes, but I want you to show me the property and I’ll have them do the paperwork (my personal fave!)

5. Yes, but I like dealing with the Listing Agent first. I get more information that way.

It is all I can do to not reply with “My name is NOT “Yes But” !!

My answer has been and always will be

“If you have a Realtor I suggest you have them contact me. I do not work with another agents’ client”.

Then the mood changes . . .

“But, they’re not really my agent. Can you tell me/show me/advise me . . .”

I like to play with them at this point

“You wouldn’t mind if I called them first and let them know you’ve asked me to be your Representative then?”

The audible GASP makes me smile every time!

I continue with the fact that I like to meet with my prospective Buyers first and get an idea of how best we can work together. I like things like Proof of Funds and of course the always popular “Buyers Representative Agreement” which is required with photo ID long before my Buyers set foot inside a listed property.

The call almost always ends up with a “I just wanted to see inside the place”.

To which I almost always say,

“I’d be happy to set up a showing for you. Just have your Realtor give me a call or a text. Email works well too!”

Buyers please understand. We’re not being nosy by asking if you’re working with someone else.

We have a Code of Ethics we must follow if we’re doing our jobs correctly.

And that means we owe our ethical duty to our Clients and to our fellow Realtors.

Until you, Mr Buyer, become our Client we do not owe you our time nor our expertise. That is reserved for our Sellers and for the Buyers who’ve actually hired us as their Representative.

And, to other Realtors who do not want to take the time or energy required to effectively search for homes that meet their Buyer’s criteria, I’m not going to do your job for you!

Arrange a showing time and THEN do the paperwork involved or I will gladly take those Buyers off your hands if you can’t be bothered!

It really is a simple process if everyone understands their own role.

Thanks for reading!

Andy Kogan
Residential & Commercial Realtor
Office Sales Manager
Recipient of Ambassador’s & Executive Club Awards
Multi-Million Dollar Producer Since 2007
West USA Realty, Sharon Sigman
[email protected]

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