Where is San Antonio’s Gayborhood?

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In this comprehensive article, Elaine Wolff interviews gay bar owners, members of the Tobin Hill Neighborhood Association and customers who frequent the clubs along “The Strip” to see how the changes taking place along North Main Avenue are affecting the people and businesses in the area. This article was originally published on PlazaDeArmasTX.com on March 4, 2012. It is reprinted here in its entirety with permission from the author.

A rainbow flag waves under Old Glory on a tall flagpole at the corner of Main and Laurel, broadcasting pride and unity in the stiff March breeze. But under the bright bands of color there are rumblings of discontent between the old good-time boys and a new gay lifestyle that’s mainstream, diurnal, and a cornerstone of the area’s economic comeback.

The Pegasus works on a venerable college-town formula: don’t spend money if you don’t have to. A wooden fence high enough to block prying eyes runs up to the property line, extending the party into the parking lot – one of a handful of differently themed bars within a bar – with a small stage and frequent barbecues. The Facebook page promises $2 happy-hour wells and themed drag shows, as well as plenty of events designed for revelers of all stripes (this weekend: I Love the ’90s; March 17: a Naughty Leprechaun party).

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Authored By Elaine Wolff – See the Full Story at Q San Antonio

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