Where is Raleigh, North Carolina’s Gayborhood?

Hargett Street, Raleigh, North Carolina

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Most larger cities in the United States have a neighborhood that is popular with the gay community or the entire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. In Raleigh there is a small neighborhood that has been developing for some time known by some as “Hargett Street.”

This neighborhood is downtown and enjoys a mixture of commercial, retail, restaurants, nightlife, bars, colleges, museums and the warehouse district. Most residential living is in a few highrises like The Dawson and The Hue.

Hargett Street is fairly central in Downtown and for many people heading there from the northern part of Raleigh, pass right through Hargett Street without knowing it is the emerging gayborhood. All of the LGBT bars/clubs and bars favored by this community are in this neighborhood. These bars include the Borough, Legends, Flex and Fifteen.

The neighborhood is very walkable and within minutes of the main strip in Downtown, Fayetteville Street. You can easily walk to the Contemporary Arts Museum, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, galleries and many other downtown offerings. This neighborhood is adjacent to Nash Square, a very attractive small urban park. This is a five minute walk from Moore Square too.

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