Where is Phoenix’s Gayborhood?

Phoenix - Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Phoenix is a sprawl town, so it’s kind of hard to pin down where the city’s gayborhood is, or if it even exists. But some folks over at Meta Filter tackled it:

“I would look around Central Ave and Camelback. Or, more generally, the Central Ave Corridor and/or Camelback Corridor. So a little north of where you were looking. The area is relatively old for Phoenix and there are many fun small shops and boutiques, several of my favorite restaurants, bars, etc. It is about 5 miles north of downtown (Symphony Hall, Roosevelt Row, etc) and close to the 51. I had friends that lived in the area and always felt comfortable wandering around, even at night. If my job had not been in north Phoenix I would have lived in this area.”


“Here’s another page and they recommend Encanto, which is what popped into my mind too. I’ve always liked Encanto Park and the neighborhood around it.”

There’s also this page.


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