Where are the Gay Neighborhoods in Austin?

Periodically, we’ll run guest columns from our member realtors on their areas, and issues that affect gay and lesbian buyers.  We’ll kick it off with a great column from Julie Nelson about Austin’s gay neighborhoods.  (click here to see Gay Realty network’s Austin, Texas real estate page):

Gay Austin, Texas Real Estate

Austin, Texas - Gay Real Estate MapAs real estate professionals, we get the question all the time … “Where are the gay neighborhoods in Austin?”  The answer?  Everywhere.

Although there are clusters, everyone is pretty much in agreement that there really are no gay neighborhoods in Austin.  Integration is part of the Austin culture.

We started the map787 project years ago to illustrate this demographic and engage the crowd at the annual Pride festival.  Where do we live?  The dots represent actual households … blue for the guys, yellow for the lesbians (pink was not available), red is bi and green is the T in GLBT.  The more dots we get on the map, the clearer the demographic visual becomes.  We’re everywhere.

The clusters?  78704, Travis Heights, Crestview, Allandale, Wilshire, Northwest Hills, south … so many.  If you are new to Austin, here are a few generalizations that may help you navigate around our fine city:

* the closer to central / downtown, 78704, South Congress, the more visible the integration & GLBT density

* Williamson County (north) has a reputation of being republican and conservative

* Block by block every neighborhood is different

* Pleasant surprises (& some lingering discomfort) include the Circle C neighborhood, conservative southwest Austin, featured in an a reality TV program (that never aired because of bigotries & profiling) that featured 6 very diverse couples (Korean, black, tattooed, 2 gay men etc) … the gays win.  http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/30/business/media/30abc.html

* Every block is different all around town.  You can make a difference in your  new neighborhood … we held an open house for our neighbors a couple months after we moved in.   They saw that we were good people, happy, gardeners, have normal families, cool art, serve good beer … what’s not to like?  We like breaking down barriers before they even exist.

Julie Nelson, Realtor - Austin, Texas

So, back to the map787 project.  We took the map at the 2010 Pride festival at The Long Center June 4-5 and gained hundreds of new dots … loaded up the map with more dots so the Austin gay neighborhood demographic picture becomes even clearer.  One festival goer was so enthusiastic about the map and the message that he thinks we need to take it to City Hall; stay tuned.

Julie Nelson is a top Realtor in Austin and runs The Nelson Project at Keller Williams Realty.  Half of our clients are GLBT and we have an urban focus.  Julie is a leader with the Keller Williams national KW Rainbow Network, a KW faculty member, and a Certified EcoBroker.

Find more about The Nelson Project and search for Austin homes at www.TheNelsonProject.com or check our blog at www.TNPblog.com.  If you like this blog, you may want to visit our totally useful Austin neighborhood portal at www.AustinNeighborhoodProject.com.  And to prepare for your next Austin visit, you may want to check out www.tacomap.info (tacos first, real estate second).