Where Are Seattle’s Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods?

Queen Anne ConstructionYou’re not too late to take advantage of several up-and-coming neighborhoods. By buying now, you can be part of the renaissance of those neighborhoods in the coming years.

Seattle offers a number of investment opportunities in locations that have been overlooked. Even in the perennially popular neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Capitol Hill, you can find pockets that have been overlooked.

For example, you’ll find more affordability and upside potential on the lower east/southeast section of Queen Anne. Interbay, between Queen Anne and Magnolia, is on the city’s radar screen for future development.

On Capitol Hill, the Broadway district is going to explode with new energy when the light rail begins operating there. You can expect the area around Yesler Terrace (roughly Jackson to Cherry streets) to attract more interest in the coming years because of the redevelopment of the Yesler Terrace site.

If you cross the ship canal, you’ll find a number of overlooked areas. Check out the east side of Ballard, where it adjoins lower Phinney Ridge. There are also some under-appreciated neighborhoods located between Northgate and Lake City.

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