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Real Estate Sign

If you go to an open house that you really love, wait until you’re out of earshot of the host agent to shout, ‘I want it! I want it!’

You enter your luxury high-rise apartment, toss your keys on the kitchen counter, kick off your shoes, and pour an adult beverage. With your drink in one hand, you sit down on the sofa and begin to sort through the bundle of mail in your other hand into two stacks.

Stack one includes a medical bill, a bank statement, and a PEPCO invoice.

Stack two contains a sheaf of grocery store advertisements, a request for a political donation, and an invitation to spend three nights and two days in sunny Florida if you’ll only listen to a short presentation when you get there.

And then you see it — the note from the management company reminding you that your lease will be up at the end of the year. You scan the letter and there in paragraph three is the amount your rent will rise if you sign another lease.

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Authored By Valerie Blake
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