What’s the Boston Real Estate Market Like?

Boston, MassachusettsPatty in San Francisco writes: Dear Leslie, My husband just got a new job in Boston. We’re planning a visit soon and are wondering what to expect in terms of housing in the Boston suburbs.

Welcome Patty! I can safely say that you’re one of the few people who won’t have sticker shock when you move here. The Boston area may have sky-high home prices but not compared to the likes of Palo Alto or San Francisco.

If you’re house hunting in the Boston suburbs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the generous-size lots. You may even find some of them a bit overwhelming. Moving from a 10th of an acre-lot in San Francisco may make a two-acre expanse in Weston, MA seem a little overwhelming to care for.

Authored By Leslie Mann – See the Full Story at the Milford Daily News

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