What’s New in Rehoboth’s Gayborhood

Rehioboth's Gayborhood

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The long-range summer forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac predicts 2014 will be one of the hottest summers in the past decade, so expect people to head out to Rehoboth Beach in droves in the months ahead. For those who do, some things may look a little different as a number of changes have come to the shops, restaurants and businesses in the gay-friendly beach resort town.

One difference is that smoking will no longer be allowed on the beach and only on a few designated areas on the boardwalk. While this may prove unpopular with some beachgoers, Rehoboth was the last holdout of Delaware’s major ocean resorts to ban smoking and City Commissioner Stan Mills was determined to make it happen.

First Street Station is being renovated for the first time since it went up nearly 20 years ago, with approximately 4,500 square feet of the northeast side of the building being demolished to make way for three new retail sites. Saying “so long” to the original space are Gallery Espresso and Maggio Shields Real Estate Cafe. Three new stores will occupy the new space — all with street-entry access.

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