What Home Buyers Want

What Home Buyers WantWhatever you think of Mel Gibson, you have to admit that the sight of him in a bra and pantyhose while sporting lipstick and mascara in the movie “What Women Want” is enough to make Noxeema’s face cream, Chi Chi’s chi-chis heave and Ms. Vida Boehme roll over in her grave.

The movie, of course, features the former Mad Max as Nick Marshall, a womanizer who, after being electrocuted by a hair dryer, can hear the private thoughts of women, ultimately learning to use that knowledge to become a kinder, gentler business colleague and romantic partner.

Now, I can’t say that I would enjoy hearing what everyone is thinking about me without the censorship that we call tact, but it would sure help in my business if I could hear what people were really thinking about the homes I show them.

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Authored By Valerie Blake – See the Full Story at The Washington Blade

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