Watch the Spread of Million-Dollar Homes Consume San Francisco

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Nearly two-thirds of the homes in the city of San Francisco today are worth more than a million dollars, according to the real estate site Trulia that tracks home values. That dizzying number speaks to the city’s affordable housing crisis — a crisis that has officials fretting about housing even for families making $140,000 a year — and the breakneck pace at which it’s getting worse. The number of million-dollar properties, according to Trulia economist Ralph McLaughlin, has more than doubled in the city since just 2010.

These numbers, though, don’t convey the rise and spread of out-of-reach real estate quite like the below animation does. This map from Trulia tracks the methodical advance of million-dollar homes from the San Francisco neighborhoods where they’ve long been common to parts of the city that are newly becoming inaccessible. In some neighborhoods where a small fraction of homes five years ago were worth a million, a majority are today. These red dots represent homes that Trulia has valued at seven figures or more, not necessarily homes that have sold at that price

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