Washington DC’s Priciest Neighborhoods

Washington DC HomesWant to know where Washington, DC’s toniest neighborhoods are? Want to rub elbows with the Capital’s rich and powerful? The Washington Blade has the skinny:

“Location, location, location.” That’s the advice Realtors give clients looking to buy a home. It’s almost always better to spend the same money on the least expensive home on the street (or in the building) than the most expensive home on a less expensive street–the house on the expensive street will appreciate faster with the other properties on its street. (“A rising tide lifts all boats.”). D.C. is especially a “location, location, location” city (see my previous Blade article, “What’s In a Name?” in the Dec. 14, 2012 issue). Yet newcomers to D.C. often insist on asking the price per square foot in order to compare properties they’re interested in buying.

Topping the list – Georgetown at $748 a square foot.