Washington DC’s Evolving Gayborhoods

Washington DC HomesWhat is happening to the ‘gayborhood?’ Discussions of the evolving nature of the gay “community” and fast disassembling “gayborhood” clusters here and in cities across the country are as commonplace as yet another report detailing how expensive D.C. has somewhat suddenly become. An announcement this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifying Washington as the most expensive metropolitan area in the nation for housing and shelter related costs surprised few. It was not the first such analysis regarding what it now takes to survive financially in the nation’s capital – and firsthand knowledge is proof enough for most.

In less than a decade, D.C. has transformed from a largely dysfunctional flat-broke city of declining numbers to a mostly booming modern metropolis with an exploding population and overflowing government coffers. Without waxing nostalgic for the charms of a formerly edgier – and more affordable – place, it’s enough to say that things are now very different.

Simply stated, the District is increasingly a domain of well-educated, well-compensated and career-focused professionals of a median age that keeps dropping. Whatever pitiful prospects politicians possess to affect this new reality in meaningful measure, or respond to clamoring to mitigate the negative effects for less fortunate citizenry, they are powerless to do much. There is scant chance of changing the current trajectory.

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Authored By Mark Lee – See the Full Story at The Washington Blade

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