Want to Remodel Your New Home?

San Francisco HomeDespite the Washington, D.C. area’s extended snowy winter bringing a chilling effect to the start of the residential housing market, experts are reporting that pent up demand is expected to lead to increased competition for those seeking to make a home purchase in the coming months.

According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, the change in seasons and a boost in inventory will help change the current sales trend even with rates on the rise. When area homebuyers are faced with limited inventory and competitive bid situations, they may not always be able to purchase a home that perfectly fits their needs. Many often consider buying with significant home renovations in mind.

However, buyers interested in remodeling a newly purchased home may not realize that they should consider getting a “pre-purchase” consultation typically offered at no cost by some area remodelers. This type of consultation, typically conducted before an offer is made or following a home inspection, can save you thousands of dollars in unknown problems and also arm you with important negotiation information.

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