Walkability is the New Real Estate Buzzword

Walkability“Walkability” has become a main priority for most people today who are looking for a home to buy or rent. This is a big shift from the old mindset of people moving out from the metropolitan areas into the suburbs, where you have to drive every time you want to shop, eat out or even get a coffee.

Over the decades in most large cities across the nation, high percentages of people wound up moving out of the metropolitan areas as new development and housing moved to the suburbs, also known as the “burbs.” Locally, typical examples were our metropolitan and downtown areas.

As places like Mission and Fashion Valley were being developed and new housing developments were being built, large numbers of San Diegans began moving out of the older communities like North and South Park, Hillcrest, University and Normal Heights, Mission Hills, Kensington and all of the metropolitan area to relocate to the suburbs.

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