Valuing a High-End Reno

Renovation - photo by Sammy Dweck

In renovating a home, you must ask yourself several questions: What do I want to do? Is this money well spent for resale, or am I spending it for myself? How long is this going to take? No, how long is this REALLY going to take, and what is the likelihood that I will go crazy in the meantime?

I bought my first home, a pretty one-bedroom co-op about a year and a half ago. I spent about 25 percent more than my original budget because the apartment was so beautiful and had been mostly renovated. I told myself I wouldn’t have to do anything, except maybe remodel that pesky ’80s bisque and linoleum bathroom. Since then, I have installed new lighting just about everywhere, reconfigured the entry to the bedroom, gutted the bathroom, replaced the air compressor, the door knob, the door lock, installed an alarm system and done some insulation and electrical work.

I am not much of a cook. My kitchen is basically a galley behind an arch, where the space between the galley kitchen and the arch is an oddly shaped dead space, separated from the kitchen by a half wall that has a counter neither large enough to cook on or dine at. My friend Gordon Harrison, also a real estate agent, said, “Why don’t you remove that half-wall and make it an eat-in kitchen. Then maybe you’ll actually cook something.”

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