VA Home Loan Centers to Offer Mortgages to Married Gay and Lesbian Couples

VA Home Loan CentersAlthough maybe not in states that discriminate against gays.

LGBT Weekly reports:

One of the major areas of change facing San Diego-based VA Home Loan Centers and other agencies responsible for administering the VA Home Loan Guarantee to veterans is the question of same-sex marriage. Under federal law, veterans and their spouses are eligible to apply jointly for mortgages backed by the Veterans Administration, whereas unmarried couples (including same-sex couples) could only get VA support for both partners if both were eligible for the benefit on their own.

In September 2013, VA Home Loan Centers was the first government-backed mortgage provider to begin offering VA-backed mortgages to veterans married to same-sex partners. Today, as VA Home Loan Centers extends that eligibility to a total of 17 states, it also is monitoring legal efforts in numerous states that could potentially expand or diminish the availability of the VA Home Loan Guarantee to veterans in other states around the country. “Although it is encouraging that we are able to participate in progress, it is unfortunate that the VA benefits for same-sex couples are still limited to a state by state policy.”