The Upside to San Francisco Gentrification

San Francisco Real EstateWhile many San Francisco neighborhoods are changing character, Dogpatch may be getting one. The enclave between the bay and Potrero Hill is a blink-and-miss-it spot, filled with warehouses, taverns along Third street and the local Hells Angels headquarters. The charm is hidden away. Several blocks along Tennessee and Minnesota streets are dotted with tiny Victorians, a small world hidden in the industrial grit. But the rest of Dogpatch? Pretty much loading docks and rumbling trucks.

The neighborhood is about to prove whether gentrification brings benefits. Adding more people, building housing and knitting the result into the overall city is the plus side to a trend that urbanistas usually deplore.

There’s a major reason to root for change in Dogpatch. The city has plans for tens of thousands of new rentals, condos and homes in Hunters Point, Treasure Island and Parkmerced. Each location will need to become a lively neighborhood that pleases the locals and draws new residents on a major scale.

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Authored By Marshall Kilduff – See the Full Story at SFGate

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