Trish Mutch - Toronto Lesbian Realtor

Trish Mutch – Toronto Lesbian Realtor

We are not like other realtors. What makes us different?

Trish Mutch - Toronto Lesbian Realtor

For home-sellers; we leverage marketing techniques and strategies to promote your home to a wider audience. Combined with our understanding of the wants and needs of the prospect purchaser, we use the latest technologies to increase their desire to compel a faster transaction, at the highest possible price.

For home buyers; as we take you to houses that suit your dream criteria, we educate on the costs of repair, modification and maintenance so that you can make the most informed decision. Tapping into our extensive experience in home renovation and property management we can undermine surface improvements, to aggressively get your purchase price down as far as possible.
Trish Mutch is a Toronto lesbian Realtor.

We operate under a simple mandate: “If it’s worth doing. Do it right”.
Accordingly, every decision we make is about delivering the proper response with the best result. We treat our clients, as we wish to be treated. While we are doing business together, we are always there for you – 24/7.

Founded by Trish Mutch, Mutch Property Group has become a powerhouse of residential real estate fueled by the larger team. Working together as a seamless unit, we not only deliver the best-in- breed service for which realtors are rarely (if ever known), we also have built-in efficiencies which have enabled us to be one of the most successful real estate firms in Toronto. Successful for every one of our clients, both sellers and buyers.

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