Is Toronto Finally Acting Like a Big City?

Totonro, ON, CanadaWhen a developer announced last week that he planned to build what would be the tallest building in Canada on the southwest corner of Yonge and Bloor, Toronto seemed unimpressed. Many who wrote online comments about the proposal wondered why on earth this city needs yet another glass condominium tower, even a dramatic 80-storey one designed by the firm of celebrated British architect Norman Foster.

“Imagine all of the birds that will be killed,” said one. “The congestion, the sun block, the sheer ugliness of the structure adds another blight,” said another. “The Manhattanization of downtown Toronto is completely out of control,” said still another.

Toronto, it would seem, is still not altogether sold on tall buildings. This city is seeing a wave of high-rise development unlike any in its history. The most recent report from city officials says that no less than 91 high-rise buildings are under construction, the most for any North American city except New York, which is building 167.

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Authored By Marcus Gee – See the Full Story at The Globe and Mail

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